Park area, ground floor

Visit the art library in the Park area of the pavilion, on the ground floor. There you will find the intervention Double Goer, by Erick Beltrán, as part of his contribution to the 31st Bienal.


Travessa bookstore will have a space inside the Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion featuring the 31st Bienal publications (guide and book). It will also feature a large quantity of titles from the arts field, including books produced by Brazilian and international publishers about the artists present at the 31st Bienal de São Paulo.

Gi Restaurant serves lunch, snacks and drinks.

Working hours:
tue, thur, fri, sun and holidays: 9am - 7pm (last entry 6pm)
wed, sat: 9am - 10pm (last entry 9pm)
Closed on mondays

Audio Guide Oi 
The Audio Guide offers word and sound materials that intend to expand the experience before, during and after your visit. It features interviews with artists, curators and guests about projects and their issues, as well as sounds and music. Audio files will be added throughout the duration of the event. Please check for updates.

Access complete playlist at:
>> 31Bienal
>> Soundcloud
>> or by reading the QR Codes on the labels through the pavilion

My Art Guide São Paulo 2014 
The first printed edition of My Art Guide São Paulo 2014 will be sold at the 31st Bienal's bookshop. It presents a first chapter dedicated to the official 31st Bienal program and, in the following chapters, explores a selection of the best, cutting edge exhibitions, events and art spaces in São Paulo, plus one additional chapter in Rio de Janeiro, with international audience in mind. To be prepared for the super-busy calendar of events, you can also visit My Art Guide São Paulo 2014 website.

More information

 Wi-fi is free inside the pavilion. Access the network: 31Bienal

 You may borrow the exhibition guide for your visit.